Welcome to Nagominoyu

♦ About

Located in the heart of the city, Nagominoyu lets you enjoy not only the baths, which include the natural hot springs of Okutama and the popular carbonated bath, but also the healing spa, where you can experience a bedrock bath and the hot-air bath "Löyly (Finnish steam bath sauna)".

Nagominoyu is conveniently located 10 minutes from Shinjuku. We are open from the morning so guests can stay overnight.
We have free WIFI on the B1 and 3F. We display the ID and password of the free wifi.

♦ Business hours

AM10:30 ~ AM9:15
(Open 23 hours a day/all year round)
Final reception time AM8:00
Healing SpaAM10:30 ~ PM11:00
Final reception time PM10:00
Restaurant Mon. to Fri. | AM11:30 ~ PM16:00 PM17:00 ~ PM10:00
Sat. / Day before holiday | AM11:30 ~ PM10:30
SUN / Public Holiday | AM11:30 ~ PM10:00
※LastOrder PM9:30
Esthetic&Massage [Hogushi] Weekday | AM11:00 ~ PM11:00 Final reception time PM10:30
Fri/Day before holiday | AM11:00 ~ AM12:00 Final reception time PM10:30
[Akasuri] AM11:00 ~ PM11:00 Final reception time PM10:00
[Spa Re.Ra.Ku] PM12:00 ~ PM10:00 Final reception time PM9:30

♦ Price

Includes towel, clothing, and entrance fee (tax included)

SAT/SUN/Designated daymen 2,480円
women 2,380yen

♦ Early morning & Midnight

AM7:00 ~ AM8:00from AM1:00
SAT/SUN/Designated day1,570yen

♦ Healing Spa

Includes towel, Spa wear. There is no time limit on weekdays.

AM10:30 ~ PM8:00from PM8:00
SAT/SUN/Designated day600yen350yen

♦ Access

[From Shinjuku]
Nagominoyu is located near JR Ogikubo Station, 1 minute from the West Exit.
Ogikubo Station is 10 minutes from Shinjuku on the JR Chuo Line rapid service (about 30 minutes from Tokyo Station).

♦ Natural Hot Spring Information

turuturu Hot Springs
[Spring quality]
Alkaline simple hot spring
[Effective for]
Sensitivity to feeling cold(poor circulation), cuts, rough skin, fatigue, lower back pain, neuralgia (nerve pain), etc.
AM11:00 ~ PM23:00 Final reception time PM22:00

  • Men's Onsen(hot spring)

    Men's Onsen(hot spring)

  • Men's Onsen(hot spring)

    Men's Onsen(hot spring)

  • Women's Onsen(hot spring)

    Women's Onsen(hot spring)

  • Women's Onsen(hot spring)

    Women's Onsen(hot spring)

♦ Bath&Sauna

men AM10:30 ~ AM3:00 / women AM10:30 ~ AM2:00

  • Carbonated Spring Bath

    Carbonated Spring Bath

  • Sliky Bath

    Women's Sliky Bath

  • Whirl Pool Bath

    Whirl Pool Bath

  • Dry Sauna

    Dry Sauna

♦ Healing Spa

AM11:00 ~ PM11:00 Final reception time PM10:00

  • ryokusai

    Stone Sauna Ryokusai

  • rouran

    Stone Sauna Rouran

  • kokuryu

    Hot-air Bath Kokuryu

  • vihtasforest

    Relaxing Area vihtasforest

♦ Important points concerning use of the facility

people under 18 must be accompanied by a guardian.The following people are prohibited from entering the facility:

Those with tattoos or body art (including tattoos, body paint, and stickers)
Those affiliated with organized crime groups and anti-social organizations.
Those who have been drinking alcohol.

Customers may not leave the facilities during the course of their stay.
We are not responsible for any accidents or stolen items within the facilities.